Earn extra Bitcoins - Bitcoin Faucets

Here is a list of various investment games with which you can make interesting money, but for most of the games it is necessary to invest at least a small amount of money. 
If You want to play some of these games, You will need Payeeer account (wallet) to make investments and withdraw money. 
Please note, all of these games are tested by us and paying at this time but we cannot guarantee You payment.
Top Rated Investment Games NEW! Farm-Tree - Buy a Tree and Sell Fruits - New Game very similiar to Golden Chase, instant Payment to Payeer
Most Trusted! GoldenChase - Buy a Dwarf and start mining crystals. Instant Payments - Paying more than 365 days. Trusted! GoldenBirds - Buy a Birds, Collect eggs and Earn. Instant Payments - *Russian and English language avaible Birds-Land - Buy a Birds, Collect Eggs, Sell them to Game & Withdraw money anytime. Instant Payments *Russian and English language avaible GoldSea - Build virtual aquarium with exotic fish - Buy a Fish, Collect caviar - sell caviar and earn money. *Russian and English language avaible