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Our Rewards

There is an equal chance to get either of the rewards.

50 satoshis
75 satoshis
100 satoshis
125 satoshis
150 satoshis
175 satoshis
200 satoshis
225 satoshis
250 satoshis
300 satoshis
500 satoshis
600 satoshis
750 satoshis
999 satoshis

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Important: To get started please enter only Coinbase email or Coinbase BTC adress to save transaction fees. If You will use different Bitcoin wallet, we will charge You payment fee with each cashout.

  • Earn 50 to 999 satoshis per dispense!
  • Get a dispense every 1 hours!
  • No work needed - just click!
  • Instant as soon as you reach cashout threshold of 100,000 satoshis
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