From November 15, 2014 is Bithunter under new ownership. This site has been sold out because the previous owner did not handle it situation and some members cheated the system.
We had to make some very important security changes and unfortunately we are not able to recognize cheating users in the past. We had to reset current balances of all our user to fix this issue. Due of this problem all current members will get 50% withdraw bonus for 3 months and we also increased rewards for all users. We hope that You will understand that.
Q: Why is my balance 0 Satoshi now?
A: All users balances has been reset and setup to 0 due of mysql injection and user balance modifications on November 15, 2014.
Did I loose all my referrals?
No, You did not. You still have all Your referrals.
Q: Are here any other changes?
Yes, we decided to increase rewards on Bithunter site and You can also earn much more with referrals. Referral commission has been increased to 25% (was 10)
Q: Is there any compensation for the existing members for these problems?
Yes, all current members will get 50% bonus for all withdraws in next 3 months and also higher rewards per each dispense until end of this Year.
Q: When I will get my earnings now? What is the withdraw minimum?
The withdraw minimum has been also changes and its lower now. You just need to collect 50.000 Satoshis to get paid now. You will get paid manually every Friday. All current members will get 50% withdraw bonus for 3 months, so when You earn 50.000 Satoshis You will get 75.000