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Fees & limits

StormGain crypto trading commissions

DeFi crypto trading commissions


Market, Limit orders

Debit/credit cards deposit commissions

CurrencyDeposit commissionMin. commissionMin. deposit amountMax. deposit amount
USD5%10 USD50 USD20 000 USD
EUR5%10 USD50 EUR20 000 EUR
AUD5%10 USD70 AUD50 000 AUD
CHF5%10 USD50 CHF20 000 CHF
CZK5%10 USD1000 CZK1 000 000 CZK
DKK5%10 USD350 DKK200 000 DKK
GBP5%10 USD40 GBP20 000 GBP
HUF5%10 USD15 000 HUF20 000 000 HUF
KRW5%10 USD60 000 KRW100 000 000 KRW
ILS5%10 USD200 ILS100 000 ILS
NOK5%10 USD500 NOK500 000 NOK
NZD5%10 USD80 NZD50 000 NZD
PLN5%10 USD200 PLN200 000 PLN
RUB5%10 USD3000 RUB10 000 000 RUB
SEK5%10 USD500 SEK500 000 SEK
TRY5%10 USD300 TRY500 000 TRY
ZAR5%10 USD800 ZAR1 000 000 ZAR

Crypto deposits/withdrawals

CurrencyNetworkMin. deposit amountDeposit feeMin. withdrawal amountFixed withdrawal fee*Additional withdrawal fee
USDTEthereum (ERC-20)1 USDT0.00%with no restrictions20 USDT0.1%
USDTTron (TRC-20)1 USDT0.00%with no restrictions3 USDT0.1%
BTCBitcoin0.00003 BTC0.00%0.0014 BTC0.001 BTC0.1%
BCHBitcoin Cash0.003 BCH0.00%0.11 BCH0.00039 BCH0.1%
ETHEthereum (ERC-20)0.001 ETH0.00%with no restrictions0.003 ETH0.1%
LTCLitecoin0.0072 LTC0.00%0.36 LTC0.0018 LTC0.1%
XRPRipple4 XRP0.00%with no restrictions0.371 XRP0.1%
XLMStellar Network4 XLM0.00%with no restrictions0.04 XLM0.1%
DAIEthereum (ERC-20)1 DAI0.00%with no restrictions20 DAI0.1%
USDCEthereum (ERC-20)1 USDC0.00%with no restrictions20 USDC0.1%
TRXTRX can only be obtained by exchanging another cryptocurrency for it. Direct TRX deposits are not currently available

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